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Install aVOID Plug-In

*aVOID is currently available for Safari and Google Chrome only. Unfortunately, the plugin is no longer reliable because the shop owners have changed the structure of their sides in the meantime.

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After installing aVOID follow those simple steps to see it in action.

Go to one of the following shops:

Asos, Yoox, Amazon, Target, Macys, Zalando, Google Shopping, Frontlineshop, Otto

Search for a product from one of the following manufacturers
(all marked red):

Open list of manufacturers

See aVOID Plug-In in action

The aVOID Plug-In is a quick and effective way of protesting against child labour. Avoiding products that are associated with the exploitation of children forces manufacturers to tighten up their control procedures. Get it now!


Based on reliable data from Active Against Child Labour.
A campaign by Earthlink

Latest data guaranteed by regular updates

Functions on all major online shops in USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom

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